Monday, August 9, 2010

Movie Recommendation...

If you have known me for long, you know that I publicly recommend very few movies. Why? Because most of what Hollywood churns out is nothing but worldly fodder that denies what I stand for. But also, I take very seriously my role as a spiritual leader and would not want to endorse that which does not honor God. Every now and then, however, a movie comes along that merits a public "check it out" from me, and today I want to share one such movie with you.

My youngest daughter viewed this movie at the theater several months back. When it appeared on DVD this week she picked it for our Saturday night entertainment. To Save A Life is the movie and you can watch the trailer at the link below.

I like this movie because it pulls no punches. It reveals the hardhitting lifestyle that many of our teenagers face on a daily basis as they seek to navigate the student world - alcohol, sex, drugs, peer pressure, teen pregnancy and dishonesty. Primarily though, it is a very powerful and effective message against a dangerous temptation among some students (and some adults) that Satan seeks to flourish - teen suicide. For these reasons, I encourage you to check it out. Have a movie night at your house and watch it with your teenage kids. Then talk about it. Quit being afraid to address the really difficult and touchy issues with your children that the world throws at them. Talk to them about alcohol, sex, peer pressure and the need to fit in. And most importantly, convey to them that suicide is never an option. But don't expect them to come to you and bring up these topics. That's your job.