Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Simple Power of Unusual Kindness...

This past Sunday I challenged my church to take ministry to the streets of Odessa by utilizing a very simple, non-threatening tool we are calling the Acts of Life card. The church was instructed to perform a random act of kindness for someone they did not know and then give them an Acts of Life card, smile, and say “God bless you.” It’s that easy and the great people of FBC-Odessa have taken to this new ministry like a duck takes to water. Beginning Monday morning I began hearing testimonies from all over town of how people in the church were using the card to bless others with a simple act of kindness done in Jesus’ name. Here are some examples of what I am hearing.

On Monday I ran into a church member while visiting some people in the hospital. She shared how she had given two Acts of Life cards away that morning and needed more to share simple kindness with others. She’s making a difference!

On Tuesday morning I received a telephone call from a local resident having trouble raising money to pay taxes on the home his mother had left him. He was a single parent of two elementary age children, and being out of work had decided to have a car wash on Sunday afternoon to raise money. While the car wash was a bomb, a woman from First Baptist Church pulled to the curb and handed the man $40 and an Acts of Life card through the window and said “God bless you.” He was overwhelmed!

Another person shared how his family pooled their efforts to baby sit twins for new parents who were overwhelmed. They kept the children all night and gave the mom and dad money for dinner and a movie along with an Acts of Life card. Those young parents will never forget that unusual act of kindness!

Today, a member of the high school golf team my son plays on shared with him how he was at the counter in Starbucks about to pay for his drink when the person behind him stepped up, paid his ticket and handed him an Acts of Life card. It made an impression!

Attorneys, students, neighbors, and others from all walks of life are using the Acts of Life card to impact lives for Jesus Christ. I’m so proud of the people of First Baptist Church who are sharing His love on the streets of Odessa in a way that is grabbing the attention of so many people. Every encounter is an opportunity to see Jesus glorified through an act of kindness. How about you, are you willing to share a simple act of kindness in Jesus’ name?

If you have shared an Acts of Life card with someone, tell me your story. I'd love to hear from you.

Remember… Never yield your shield; stay in the battle!

In Christ alone,