Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Missions Moment...

I am at an IMB trustee meeting and have just spent the last two hours with 8 new missionary couples headed overseas. Three are middle age and the others are in their mid-20's or so. Truly beautiful, gifted, awesome men and women with hearts burning for those in Poland, Spain, London, and other foreign European areas. Several things jumped out at me tonight -

1. They were obediently following the will of God. They have been called to serve in missions and were being obedient in every way. They were giving up promising careers of worldly reward for a more promising service and eternal rewards. They will not regret it.

2. More than one stated in their testimony that they had grown up in Christian homes but came to the place where they had to own their faith and not live off their parents coattails of faith anymore. This usually was the crisis moment God used to transition them to His call. He works like that if we pay attention. I remember when he did it in my life and Andi and I decided our faith had to be our own and it had to be real. It was scary but it was the best road to travel. Is your faith your own?

3. Finally, one young lady mentioned that before she was ever born, when her parents thought their nest was full, her mother was challenged to pray that God would raise up one of her children to be a missionary. She began praying. After that a third daughter was born, I met the answer to her mother's prayers tonight. She and her husband are moving to Poland. Okay, will you pray for God to raise up a missionary in your home? I'm going to, why not join me.

It's been a long and rewarding day.

Never yield your shield; Stay in the battle.

In Christ alone,