Thursday, January 7, 2010

A New Year, A New You...

We hear so much talk about getting a "new you" at the turn of a new year. We are diving into 2010 and I'm wondering how many of you really want a "new you" or you simply want to change some of the things you find less appealing about the current you.

The way I read and interpret Scripture, you only become a new person two times in your life. Certainly you are new when you are born. Every parent understands this when they hold their new baby for the first time. The only other time a person becomes "new" is when they receive Jesus Christ as Savior and are born again. At that moment the person becomes a new creation in Christ and regardless of the quantity of new calendar years they experience, they will never in this lifetime experience being a "new" person again as you are only born again one time. So do you really need a new you, or do you need to change and tweak the old you? If you need to be born again, I pray the Holy Spirit is so clear with you that you cannot turn away from your computer without confessing your sin and the need for salvation through Jesus Christ alone.

My 17 year old son recently became the new owner of my black 2003 Dodge pick-up truck. I have to confess that due to the dusty conditions in West Texas, my truck has not seen near the number of scrub downs it has needed over the years. Before I handed over the keys, however, I detailed the truck, replaced the cracked windshield, had a new Rhino Liner installed in the scratched up bed, and thoroughly cleaned the interior. What a difference it made! I was floored by how gorgeous the black truck was when the old layers of dust and dirt was removed allowing the shine to come through. He's got a great truck; something he can be proud to drive.

What a picture of the average Christian life. For far too many, their normal Christian walk is anything but a shining example of the power of God. Many who claim salvation through Jesus Christ are no longer a Q-Beam of faith shining forth to pierce the prevailing darkness, but merely a dull, impotent glow. If you find yourself in this situation at the start of 2010, let me encourage you to stick around over the next few days as I provide some guidance for revitalizing your faith. I will be sharing some thoughts for how you can find a fresh bounce in your Christian walk and experience a spiritual satisfaction that only comes from a right relationship with God. So tune in tomorrow as I tackle some incessant spiritual killers that attack us all at some time or another.