Saturday, July 31, 2010

28 Truths Regarding Money from 28 Years of Marriage...

Last night my wife, Andi, and I taught a marriage class together on conflict resolution and finances. In the course of the evening we shared "28 Truths Regarding Money from 28 Years of Marriage." I am providing the items in this format as some have already requested I share them on my blog. Hope you enjoy, smile, and maybe receive some help in an area or two.

1. That money really does not grow on trees.

2. That “Easy Come/Easy Go” is a one-sided lie – earning money is hard work!

3. That impulse purchases are always a bad idea.

4. That professional salesmen have that name for a reason.

5. That my family really does deserve the best – but only the right way!

6. That full disclosure with each other regarding purchases is always best!

7. That money plays a role in some of the disagreements we’ve had over the years.

8. That most people can never wait long enough so they can “afford” a baby.

9. That saving a little is better than saving none.

10. That eating at home is far cheaper than eating out.

11. That, with rare exception, it takes years to learn maturity in handling credit cards.

12. That you don’t have to have credit cards to be happy – cash is king!

13. That debt collectors can’t come and take your children from you.

14. That you have the right to hang up the telephone on rude people.

15. That owning your own home does not have to come in the first 5 years.

16. That the baby brought home to an apartment isn’t concerned about a backyard.

17. That when baby makes three a will is an essential piece of family business.

18. That if you have the guts (operative word), you really can make it on one income.

19. That living with blinders on is a necessity if you try to make it on one income.

20. That starting new careers always costs - but sometimes you have no choice.

21. That fear and panic leave when you take control of your finances.

22. That being on a budget really does work.

23. That money management is tedious work!

24. That financial goals are good when aligned with God’s priorities.

25. That God owns everything.

26. That being a good steward brings an inner peace that is highly valued.

27. That God helps those who honor Him with their finances.

28. Prayer works!

It was fun when we sat down and put this list together. We laughed about the fun times we had (even when they didn't feel so fun at the time). Most of what I'm sharing is common sense, but again, I hope they bring a smile and maybe some assistance/encouragement in your journey.