Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Candy Cane Blitz @ FBC-Odessa

For the past two evenings FBC-Odessa has gathered to go out into our community on what we are calling the "Candy Cane Blitz." We set a goal to knock on 10,000 doors in four nights in Odessa inviting the residents to our annual Christmas Celebration. Yes, that's right, 10,000 doors. After Sunday and Monday nights we have exceeded our expectations and have hit over 6,500 doors. Next Sunday and Monday will be our final two nights and I have no doubt we will meet our goal.

To all of the wonderful people at FBC-Odessa who have walked down streets knocking on doors - THANK YOU! To all of you who tied the plastic cards to the candy canes - THANK YOU! And to everyone else who played a role in the success of this event, regardless of how small it may have been - THANK YOU!

I love you guys and praise God for the opportunity to be your pastor. Now let's continue to pray for God's blessings on all of the hard work. It will happen because God always rewards our work for His Kingdom.

Have a great day!